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The Mitrinovic Foundation was inaugurated in Autumn 2010. It is the direct continuation of the New Atlantis Foundation. After the death of Mitrinovic in 1953, the New Atlantis Foundation was created to ensure the continuation of his work and the spread of his ideas. A series of lectures was given annually, commemorating in particular geniuses whose work, often ahead of its time, has been neglected, misinterpreted or not fully understood. This was in line with proposals by Mitrinovic that the significance for our time of the works of genius should be assessed, and that they should be made available and comprehensible to the ordinary reader. These lectures are now available in print. The activities of the Foundation have been the publication of the biography and writings of Mitrinovic, and the records which it holds of his work; to circulate a Bulletin or Newsletter, and to organise occasional meetings and conferences.

Mitrinovic collected a large library of books and pamphlets. It included very rare works and covered subjects of interest to him, including philosophy, politics, religions and esoterica, in many languages. He used the books to develop his ideas, often annotating them heavily. The library was later enhanced by material collected by the New Atlantis Foundation. In 1994, the Foundation donated the bulk of this library to the University of Bradford, where it forms one of the largest and most popular of the Special Collections. The remaining books, plus the archive of the Foundation, came to the University in 2003. For further information, see the Mitrinovic Library web page. For information on the Books and Lectures for sale, see the separate lists.

The Mitrinovic Foundation is a charity, registered with the Charity Commission (Registered Number 279342). To view our Charity Commission page please click this link.

Photographs used on this site are from the collection of the Mitrinovic Foundation, housed at the special collections section of the J B Priestley Library, University of Bradford