• 1955

    Anthropo-Biology: Towards a System of the Sciences

    L. R. Twentyman
  • 1955

    Creative Critique and Anthropo-Philosophy (*)

    H. C. Rutherford
  • 1956

    The Sovereign Self through Max Stirner

    H. C. Rutherford
  • 1957

    The Christian Philosophy of Vladimir Solovyov

    Ellen Mayne
  • 1958

    The Philosophy of Emanuel Swedenborg: God, Man and the Cosmos Rev.

    Clifford Harley
  • 1960

    The Renaissance of Mystery Wisdom in the Work of Rudolf Steiner

    A. C. Harwood
  • 1961

    The Impulse of Rudolf Steiner to a Living Science

    L. R. Twentyman
  • 1962

    The Message of Bhagavan Das on the Present Significance of the Vedic Social Order

    H. C. Rutherford
  • 1963

    The Order of Mankind as seen by Auguste Comte

    David Shillan
  • 1964

    The New Atlantis of Francis Bacon

    Benjamin Farrington
  • 1965

    The Necessary Revolution in Man's Thinking after Immanuel Kant

    Carlo Tullio-Altan
  • 1966

    The Religion of Logos and Sophia from the Writings of Dimitrije Mitrinovic on Christianity

    H. C. Rutherford
  • 1968

    The New Mythology of John Cowper Powys

    Ellen Mayne
  • 1970

    Man's Development foreseen in Goethe's Faust

    Evelyn Derry Capel
  • 1971

    The Organic Vision of Helan Jaworski

    Jean M. G. Twentyman
  • 1972

    Biotechnics: The Practice of Synthesis in the Work of Patrick Geddes

    David Shillan
  • 1973

    Emanuel Swedenborg's Philosophy of the Human Organism

    Violet MacDermot
  • 1975

    Erich Gutkind as Prophet of the New Age

    H. C. Rutherford
  • 1977

    Races and Nations as Functions of the World

    Whole David Shillan
  • 1980

    The Social Vision of Alfred Adler

    Violet MacDermot
  • 1981

    Otto Weininger on the Character of Man

    Ellen Mayne
  • 1982

    The Nature of Man approached through the Philosophy of Rudolf Steiner

    L. R. Twentyman
  • 1983

    Christianity as Creative Myth

    H. C. Rutherford